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Orla Kiely Home Ranges


Your master bedroom aesthetics are hard to ignore as you cross over from one corner to the other. After all, it’s something that sets the mood and tone of your room, apart from the lighting, of course. It also helps determine how comfortable and cosy your room feels.

Curtains and bedding alone can have a drastic impact on your bedroom’s aesthetic and how it grabs you as you walk in. Here’s how you can get that warm, cosy and comfortable vibe, to give your room that genuine homely feeling with our Orla Kiely designs:

Linear Stem Charcoal Eyelet Curtains

This lovely charcoal-coloured pattern can bring a warmth and cosines to any bedroom. Boasting an Iconic Linear Stem and a bold graphic, it’s well suited to both retro and modern room aesthetics.

Linear Stem Dandelion Bedding

This bedding range features a printed linear leaf stem against a white background. Made with a 200-thread count 100% cotton, the matching pillowcases round it off.

Linear Stem Neptune Blue Bedding

If you’re looking to add a few pops of bright yet elegant colours to your master bedroom. This ocean-fresh shade with its classic Stem design sitting against an off-white background is what you need. Enjoy the contemporary vibe and the re-usable cotton bag packaging equally.

Linear Stem Papaya Eyelet Curtains

When you’re ready to experiment a little, try these papaya-tone eyelet curtains featuring a bold graphic scale. It’s also available in silver if you want a more modern and metallic look, although this retro tone works wonders as well.

Linear Stem Silver Eyelet Curtains

If charcoal or papaya doesn’t grab the attention immediately. Then you might try these silver eyelet curtains to give your room that much sought after chic and modern vibe. Bring your room alive with the elegant silver tone and retro pattern.

Multi Stem Multi Curtains

For those who prefer to experiment with colours and bold patterns. These multi-stem curtains fit the bill. The iconic multi-stem has gained vast popularity in many homes today. Giving off a retro yet modern vibe all the while.

Scribble Stem Multi Bedlinen

Print in Scribble, anyone? If you’re after a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom, complete with a modern mid-century aesthetic. Then this works brilliantly – made with a 200-thread count and the softest 100% cotton you’ll ever lay on.

Scribble Stem Duck egg/Seagrass Bedlinen

This stem on scribble print duvet. Complete with seagrass scribble print colourway can add a little mid-century vibe. No matter what your existing room aesthetics are. This one also features a 200 thread count, and pure super-soft cotton.

Spot Flower Summer Curtains

With so many homeowners going for that modern & retro urban feel. These spotted-flower eyelet curtains boast a multi-colour print that pleases the senses. Complete with a blackout lining perfect for all four seasons.

Woven Acorn Cup Eyelet Curtains – Dandelion & Mid-powder Blue

The signature acorn cup design by Orla Kiely has been converted into a surreal jacquard material. Available in both dandelion and mid-powder blue tones. Liven and brighten up your room like you don’t care!

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